Taking back control


In my many years’ experience of working with senior executives going through outplacement, I am struck time and again by the significant impact that a role being made redundant has on the individual that was doing the role. While it is easy to say a decision to make a role redundant isn’t personal, it is harder for the person at the other end of the decision to not take it as such. A big part of my early work with these individuals is to reassure them that it isn’t and give them the framework to take back control.

The opportunity to experience outplacement should always be seen as a positive thing. It is an opportunity for an employee to take stock of the direction that their career was heading. Working out if it is the right direction. If it isn’t, it’s also the time to work out what is.

Ask the right questions

My role in these instances isn’t to provide a neatly packaged answer. It is to ask the right questions to enable the other person to see the bigger picture. From there, they can then work out what they want from their next career move.

It might be that outplacement is an opportunity to re-evaluate what is important to them and their future.  This could mean a change in career, sector or location. It is also an opportunity to consider the negotiable and non-negotiable elements of a future job prospect. Since the initial lockdown in 2020, many people have discovered benefits in working from home at least part of the time. This might now form a non-negotiable element of some people’s career requirements. Likewise, salary expectations and types of working environments are all important considerations.

Stay true to your plan

It is all too easy for job hunters to look for something comparable with their last role when they are applying for their next career move. And if that is where they want to be, then there is nothing wrong with that. But, another benefit of outplacement is that a Career Consultant will talk through options. Perhaps even remind the employee of the non-negotiables that they identified at the start.

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