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‘Tis the season to be jolly!

We all love a jolly get together and Christmas time is the perfect excuse. Christmas is an important time for bonding and bringing the team together and the end-of-year party is a great time to encourage enthusiasm for the year ahead. Enjoying a Christmas celebration together is a way to say thank you to all […]

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Making the right decisions

As an HR professional, choosing an Outplacement company to work with can be a difficult decision. It’s very dependent on what your company is like and in which areas it needs guidance. As the commissioning client, you should be given the opportunity to get to know your chosen outplacement Consultant. In turn, they should take […]


Can you read your CV?

Our CVs are one of those aspects of our personal profile that are often the last to be amended. This is perhaps because these days we are more likely to update our status on social media, or our job status on LinkedIn instead. As a result, we are more up-to-date in our profiles in some […]

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Mind your language

I’m at an age where I’ve seen a lot of differences in language and word interpretation, some that are absolutely too rude or shocking to write down. I worked with an AI organisation about 20 years ago, but it didn’t have anything to do with artificial intelligence and everything to do with artificial insemination. These […]

Fear of rejection

Confidence isn’t something we all innately possess, but it is something we can build up over time. Our self-confidence has an enormous impact on how we go about work and how we interact with people, in life and in our workplace. It’s also an important part of our online presence. We can perhaps project a […]


There’s no such thing as an informal chat

In today’s working world, people seem generally to be incredibly busy – all the time. It is immaterial as to whether this is a hangover from Covid and people are still trying to catch up, or if it is due to the much-publicised skills shortage, and there is just more work to do.  Whatever the […]

LinkedIn: Not just for job hunting

There is no denying that LinkedIn is a great tool for job hunting. An online CV is available at the click of a button and connections can be made with the profiles and companies that appeal for your next job. However, LinkedIn is a useful asset for everyday life. You can use it as a […]

Recommendations for recommendations on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn recommendation is a type of professional reference that is clearly displayed on your LinkedIn profile and can be seen by potential customers, future employers and recruitment agents. If you want to build your professional profile on LinkedIn, it’s great to have recommendations from people you have worked with closely over the course of […]