Focusing on the positive

Within the workplace employee progression is key.  One way that this can be achieved is through investing in coaching.  Coaching can provide direction, help improve performance, identify possibilities and opportunities and help individuals overcome any challenges or obstacles in achieving their objectives.  However, sometimes employees can feel that being offered coaching is somehow a negative reflection of their ability, rather than an opportunity for development, which should be embraced.

This article highlights just some of the positive benefits of coaching that your employees may not have thought about:

The chance to gain invaluable skills

Rather than being told what to do or how to do it, employees receiving coaching will be guided and supported, but the ultimate decisions will be the individual’s.  This type of learning helps develop skills that the employee may not have been aware of previously.

Team efficiency

Coaching and mentoring can impact on everyone not just the individual receiving the coaching.  The positive approach that coaching instills in an individual can make a huge difference to the morale of the whole team.

Improve upwards relationships

The fact that someone has been selected for coaching suggests that they have already been noticed by their manager or senior team within the business.  The coaching can help develop their confidence, which in turn can help them with their business relationships throughout the company.

Shows the company’s commitment to the team

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and by implementing a programme of coaching and personal development the business is demonstrating its commitment to the whole team.