The shape of things to come

As we head into the second week of the new year, many companies are full steam ahead with their plans for 2023. A new year is often a time for new beginnings, and while this can be an exciting time, in some instances these company adjustments can mean restructuring and changes at a leadership level.

A time for reflection

Where these changes have been decided on in the previous year, but only being implemented as the new year has started, the individuals concerned will have had the festive period to reflect on their careers and the path that they want to take in the coming months. Regardless of whether the change was expected or welcome, the opportunities a company restructure can provide should never be underestimated.

A new direction

Restructuring doesn’t always mean redundancies, and if an individual still envisages their future with the company, then coaching might help them recognise their potential within a new role or new team. However, where redundancy is the preferred outcome, this can still take a positive shape. Providing the person leaving the business with outplacement, can turn what could be perceived as a terrible situation into a positive one, which ultimately will see the individual in a better place.

An experienced Career Consultant will work with the person facing redundancy to help them identify the direction they want to go and the steps they need to take to see them onto the right path. This can be anything from helping them bring their CV up to date, through to overhauling their LinkedIn profile or even helping them identify their transferable skills if they want a complete change.

A lasting impression

A Career Consultant will also work with a candidate to help them identify what is important to them. This can cover everything from company, role, salary and holidays, through to job location, working hours and other non-financial benefits. All the things that ultimately will help ensure job and personal satisfaction – and ensure the departing employee is left with a favourable impression of how the company handled its restructuring.

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