New Year’s Resolutions

Many people make New Year’s resolutions in their private lives. Breaking old habits or improving your lifestyle can bring great benefits – and sticking to the task is both a challenge and a reward in itself. But how often do people make New Year’s resolutions with regards to their careers?

It’s important at the start of any year to take stock and look at where you are. People often find the beginning of a new year a good time for reflection and it allows you time to think about setting priorities for the year ahead. New starts mean new opportunities and challenges – and they should be grasped with both hands.

Are you in the place you want to be career-wise? Do you feel that you, your colleagues or employees are stuck in a bit of a rut? If that’s the case, then look at what improvements can be made.  Do you fancy a change of career? If so, it might be worth talking to a career expert, to see what opportunities are available to you. Look at sectors where your skills are transferable, and also look at your overall wellbeing and happiness. Is there room for improvement? And if so, make a start at planning that change and seeking out the areas where development would be valuable.

When you come to setting new goals for the year ahead, make sure they are realistic. Think about how changes to your career and work patterns can benefit you in ways beyond the workplace. Sometimes a career change can improve work-life balance, or allow greater freedom to work remotely or flexibly. More and more jobs are becoming geared up to this. The happier and more comfortable a workforce is, the more productive and loyal it will be. Think beyond convention and see how new and different working methods could be helpful to you.

Another good thing to address at the beginning of a New Year is your CV. Look at your CV today and spruce it up, not when you are desperate to issue it, for a job application. An updated CV should reflect your current ambitions and goals, as well as highlighting experience, knowledge and achievements. Looking at your CV will also allow you to look at your achievements in a positive and encouraging way – such affirmation is a great way to banish those January blues.