Action stations: Launching a truly effective job search campaign

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job search campaign

Just like any campaign, your job search campaign requires careful planning and a strategic approach. I have heard many people say, that looking for a new job is like a full-time role in itself. To be honest, I can see where the similarities lie. A successful job search will require extensive commitment and determination.

Traditionally job searches were primarily focused around transactional actions. Looking at the job pages and job adverts, both online and offline and applying for appropriate roles. This would have been supported by work with recruiters and head hunters, particularly if the role was at a senior level or within a specific sector. It was largely unheard of to consider word of mouth and your individual relationships as a likely place to find your next role.

Your little black book of contacts

This has now changed, and many people are finding their personal network as potentially the most fertile ground for securing their next position. With the advent of LinkedIn, the recruitment landscape changed.  Your little black book of contacts became digital, and it was much easier to understand the reach of your network. It also more easily allowed you to connect to people you had met that had inspired or impressed you.

It’s good to talk

Today, your network is your best starting point for your job search campaign. Catch-up with ex-colleagues and bosses and use the opportunity to explain you are looking for a new role. You never know, they might have the perfect role for you, or know of another organisation that does. Ask advice from, and get talking to, industry contacts. They might be aware of job opportunities or even just have some good insight that will help you in your job search. You might even find that if you establish a connection with someone, that a role will be created based on the particular skills and benefits that you can bring to an organisation.

Obviously, there is no guarantee that your network can help you find your next role, and there is still an important role for recruiters and head hunters to play – and to a lesser extent the job boards and adverts too. However, by ensuring your network knows you are looking, your contacts are more likely to have you front of mind when an opportunity does come along.

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